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Complaint Resolution Procedure

The IDF has a three stage Complaints Resolution Procedure:
  • Stage 1 involves the doctor and the practice which is the subject of a complaint. 
  • At Stage 2 the IDF Complaint Resolution Procedure Committee considers the complaint with input from the complainant and the doctor who is the subject of the complaint. 
  • Thereafter, unresolved complaints move into Stage 3 with referral to the Independent Sector Complaints Advisory Service (ISCAS), an independent body.

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Please click here to download a flow chart illustrating the process

All IDF member doctors must have a written Stage 1 complaint procedure which should be made available to patients on request.  If you have a complaint about the facilities or services you receive when being treated by an IDF member doctor you should, in the first instance, make your complaint known to the designated person within the practice. 

If you remain dissatisfied at the end of Stage 1, then you may proceed to Stage 2, an internal appeal process.  This is the responsibility of the IDF Complaint Resolution Procedure Committee Chairman who will consider the complaint and may undertake a review of the correspondence and the handling of the issue at local level. The Chairman will convene the IDF Complaint Resolution Procedure Committee should he consider this to be necessary, then either confirm the decision and actions of the practice or offer an alternative resolution

To proceed to Stage 2 please put your complaint in writing to;

IDF Administration
3rd Floor
218 Strand

For further information which may be of assistance to you please visit the ISCAS website -

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