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Patient Complaints Procedure

The IDF has a three stage Patient Complaints Procedure:
  • Stage 1 involves the doctor and the practice which is the subject of a complaint.
  • At Stage 2 the IDF considers the complaint with input from the complainant and the doctor who is the subject of the complaint. 
  • Thereafter, unresolved complaints move into Stage 3 with referral to the Independent Sector Complaints Advisory Service (ISCAS), an independent body.

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Please click here to download a flow chart illustrating the process.

All doctors connected to the IDF for revalidation are covered by the IDF Patient Complaints Procedure. Members connected to another designated body may or may not be covered by the IDF Patient Complaints Procedure. 

To proceed to Stage 2 please send your complaint in writing to:

The Medical Society of London
Lettsom House
11 Chandos St


For further information which may be of assistance to you please visit the ISCAS website -

You may find the ISCAS documents below useful.

ISCAS Code of Practice
ISCAS Goodwill Payments Guide
ISCAS Guidance for Managing Unacceptable Behaviour by Complainants
ISCAS Patient Guide for Making Complaints

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