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108 Medical Chambers

108 Medical Chambers at 108 Harley Street is a consultant led and delivered independent clinic that offers the highest standards of professional care with a minimum of delay in relaxing and friendly surroundings. Accessible excellence!
The specialist Consultant clinics at the chambers are:
The London Breast Clinic (inc The London Thyroid Clinic)
The London Skin Clinic
The Gilmore Groin and Hernia Clinic
The London Rectal Clinic
The London Sports Injury Clinic
108 X-ray and Imaging

We are privileged to assist IDF members to in the care of their patients. We are conscious that you are spending your patients' money with a referral whether self pay or insurance outpatient allowance and so want to provide the highest quality care at the best patient value.

We guarantee no patient shortfall for insured patients undergoing surgical procedures subject to policy excess and exclusions

We would be delighted to discuss screening and imaging options and package prices for IDF members who provide these to their self pay patients.