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Healthcode Ltd

Healthcode is the market leader in the provision of online solutions for the private healthcare community. We define industry standards, enabling best practice, while adopting a pioneering and collaborative approach to shaping future services. We have constantly used our expertise and knowledge to develop interoperable systems which connect businesses across the private healthcare sector. Our mission is to remain recognised as the experts in online solutions.  We believe that all key stakeholders in the industry will benefit by developing and enhancing Standards across the healthcare sector to connect organisations, enabling collaborative programmes where business, clinical and commercial information can be securely exchanged.

Healthcode was created by the Industry, for the Industry. Healthcode believe innovation is vital to help realise its vision and growth.  It actively encourages creativity, technical exploration and ingenuity, and we are always seeking new ways of creating value added services for our stakeholders.  Healthcode works with early adopters and industry leaders to ensure that innovations are embraced throughout the healthcare industry through peer-to-peer support, so that each product is developed by industry for industry. All our current programmes and those in development start their life by the formation of User Groups and Stakeholder Groups which guide us as the programmes develop.

Healthcode offers core and enterprise services. Our core service is our long-standing electronic bills validation and clearing house. Our enterprise services include online billing, The Private Practice Register, Practice Management Systems, enhanced clearing solutions, financial management tools and data security management solutions.

Our vision is to be the knowledge source and most trusted independent expert to deliver interoperable online solutions and define industry standards for private healthcare.