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Howard de Walden Estates Limited

As the steward of 92 acres of Marylebone, central London, The Howard de Walden Estate is responsible for overseeing a diverse community of residents and businesses, including the shops and restaurants of Marylebone Village and the world class healthcare providers of the Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA). It owns the majority of the properties within the HSMA including those occupied by The London Clinic, The Harley Street Clinic and King Edward VII, amongst others.

Howard de Walden’s strategy is to seek to continue to improve the HSMA’s reputation through a number of initiatives, including attracting more of the world’s leading organisations in healthcare provision, and meeting the challenge of ensuring the finest 21st Century medicine can more than adequately function in the period properties that dominate the Estate.  Medical tourism is set to grow rapidly, and the HSMA’s needs to respond and attract a much larger share of this market. Our ambition is to ensure that it does.