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Medical Billing & Collection

Medical Billing and Collection is the leading medical billing company in the UK. We provide services which are tailored to the specific needs of the individual consultant, group practice or clinic and we currently partner with over 1300+consultants across the country. Our service is based upon our state of the art software which had been designed specifically for our business. We understand that every practice is unique and therefore our approach is one of consultation and partnership rather than just as a supplier.

One of our biggest assets is our experience that we have built up over the past 28 years which puts us in an excellent position to understand what effect the dynamic changes that are currently taking place in the market will have and therefore be in the best position to offer the correct advice.

We cater for all consultants; this includes those just starting out in private practice, established independent consultants of any size operating in any speciality, Group practices with multiple providers and clinics.