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Thursday 26th May 2022



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IDF Disability Support Group

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The experience of doctors with a disability, whether physical or mental, is all too often about humiliation, resentment, pervasive ableism and a sense of powerlessness and this is encountered both personally and at work. It has been said that speaking up as a minority in the workplace can also mean standing alone or pushing down an innate and human desire for belonging by not creating a space where colleagues are made to feel uncomfortable. 

 The aim of this support group is to create a safe channel/space for members with a disability of any nature to share, with a sense that their experiences will be understood, heard, acknowledged without any judgement, and with genuine concern and care by those who are more likely to have experienced similar issues and challenges themselves. The group will provide feedback, support and guidance on how to manage barriers that have hindered day to day interactions with other colleagues and personal/professional development. 

 The support group will be facilitated by Dr Helen Read, an IDF member and consultant psychiatrist. Helen is an ADHD specialist and a qualified psychotherapist. The sessions, within the frame of confidentiality, will explore the shared lived experiences of any issues that colleagues with disabilities face in a professional setting, with the group providing input through signposting, possible resolution of these issues and support for wellbeing. 

 The group aims to be a friendly and safe place to help you meet and talk freely with other doctors experiencing similar issues who will understand your experiences, help you cope and show support. As well as providing a forum where we can make new friends and discuss our issues, we aim to collect resources such as community forums, chat rooms and provide information on disabilities, disability organisations and resources as we develop. Explore your options and remember that you’re not alone. 

 This first session will include the following:

  • Purpose and objectives, including terms of reference
  • How the group will communicate
  • Frequency and number of meetings
  • How the group will operate
  • Consideration of its key principles

Fundamentally it is important, now more than ever in these uncertain times, to sharpen the strong message of the need for change and for inclusion not to be an abstract concept but a term of value, depth and an ethos where the spirit of an organisation is manifested in its attitudes, aspirations and authority to do the right thing. 


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