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Silver Medal Recipients

Silver Medals with the IDF logo are awarded to past Chairmen and doctors considered to have made a significant contribution to private medicine.  To date they have been awarded to;

Dr Stuart Sanders, 1994
Sir Reginald Murley, 1995
Dr D Geraint James, 1996
Dr F Clifford Rose, 1997
Dr G Mitchell, 2000
Mr C F John Grindle, 2003
Dr Martin Scurr, 2007
Dr Richard Cooper, 2007
Dr Susan Horsewood-Lee, 2008
Mr Kevin Harrington, 2009
Dr Sally Bell, 2010
Dr Tony Hughes, 2011
Angela Hamlin, 2013
Dr Jack Edmonds, 2013
Dr Fred Lim, 2013
Dr John Costello, 2014
Dr Rudy Capildeo, 2015
Mr Ian Mackay, 2016
Dr Michael Perring, 2016
Dr Peter King-Lewis, 2017
Dr Nelda Frater, 2018
Dr Anthony Fry, 2019



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